About NewItUp

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Alex Everitt @alxevt

Hi, I’m Alex Everitt and after 20 years in Software development, I started thinking about what I wanted to to do with the next stage of my career. Over the last 2 decades, I’ve gone from knowing barely knowing how to save a file (in DOS) to a technical architect building and running teams of developers, working on the products that affect millions of users. I started my career with virtually no knowledge of computer programming and no recognized qualification in IT. Instead, I had the passion and enthusiasm to build applications I hoped would help others along with a hunch that software development may be a good career bet.

I believe that a career in IT is one of the most exciting, dynamic and rewarding careers anyone can choose, and with most of the tools and languages being freely available all you need to get involved is access to a computer.

Whilst getting started is easy, getting a job and creating a career can seem intimidating. Even after getting a job, many developers don’t reach their full potential and work the same role for many years. Eventually, their skills become outdated and they end up facing similar challenges as the newcomers breaking into the industry.

NewItUp concentrates on the skills not covered in technical courses. I'm going to help you think like an entrepreneurial developer and over time we'll focus on the skills that will progress your career and ensure you're not left on the sidelines.

These skills include mindset, marketing along with the commercial aspects of a business. Not only will this knowledge empower you within your current job it will also give you an insight into what is required to start a product or business.