How do I make a living from my web app?

Follow our journey as we develop and market a SaaS product from scratch

Yikes, Someone’s going to steal my idea!

~7 min read Entrepreneurship

Coming up with an idea is the easy bit for most people. Developing that idea and creating a business is the hard part. Don't be afraid to share your ideas for fear of them being copied. Discover why sharing will most likely help you succeed

Finding the time to build a product, even with kids

~3 min read Mindset

Time is one of your most valuable commodities when starting a business or developing a product. Discover how to get more of it, even when you're managing a young family

Learn from your Employer, or Fail

~2 min read Business

Take your time to understand what your current employer does well before you start your business. They've done something right if they're still in business and able to pay your salary

Our SaaS Journey

~1 min read Entrepreneurship

Join us on a journey where we develop, launch and market a SaaS app from scratch. Rather than try to explain the process through a series of theoretical articles, I’ll document our adventure as we progress through the various stages of a new SaaS product

9 Interview Tips for First Time Developers

~5 min read Careers

Don't make the same mistakes other junior and graduate developers make when interviewing for their first job. This easy to follow guide will help you stand out from the competition

Write your sales pitch before you start coding

~4 min read Marketing

Before you write a line of code, you must clearly define what you're trying to achieve. Creating a sales message for your future customers will make sure you keep your focus on delivering the correct product